"An Evening of Comedy Without James Franco" premiered on July 3, 2015 at Stage 773 in Chicago, IL. 
It follows the quest of actor James Franco as he attempts to complete his overdue book of poetry in 126 hours (Because 127 hours would be ridiculous!).

PRODUCED by Nocebo Productions
WRITTEN By Sarah Celiann

JC Farris
Ryan Kordana
Ethan Link
Kristin Phillips
Sissy Anne Quaranta
Danny Schaefer
Brittany Sudlow

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James Franco (Brittany Sudlow) battles with his agent (Kristin Phillips) as he struggles to complete his poetic masterpiece.
Kayleigh (Sissy Anne Quaranta) takes a break from her romantic vacation with boyfriend Logan (Ryan Kordana)to visit her ailing aunt (JC Farris) in Aunt Catherine


James Franco (Brittany Sudlow) takes a moment to consider the difficulties of expressing emotion in the poem I Put My Dick in Everything.
Tanya (Sissy Anne Quaranta) and Chrissie (JC Farris) are on a talent hunt with three actors (Danny Schaefer, Ethan Link, Kristin Phillips) and a model (Ryan Kordana) in CW Shortage.


Actresses (JC Farris and Kristin Phillips) talk shop while the suspense build for Louis (Danny Schaefer) in Laugh Track.
Hunter (JC Farris) holds an exorcism for the ghost of Trevor (Ethan Link) in Ghost.
Harry (Danny Schaefer) says a teary goodbye to Dwayne (Ethan Link) and Jennie (Kritin Phillips) in McDonalds.
 Jordan "Shake 'n' Bake" Baker (Danny Schaefer) feels the icy sting of rejection from mentor Rob "Dirty" Sanchez (Ethan Link) in PUA 101.


James Franco (Brittany Sudlow) downs a Red Bull before delivering his magnum opus I Wrote a Poem About a Poem.